One thing expat parents can do to help their TCKs

The last year has been crazy for me – a mountain of life direction changes and seemingly endless overlapping transitions. But more on that another time.

After all this, I’m finally starting to get my head back into the TCK space. To stretch my writing muscles and, to mix my metaphors, get the engine turning over.

Last week I wrote a guest post for mission blog A Life Overseas. I really appreciate what they do, and that much of their content is helpful for expats generally (and those who support them) rather than just missionaries. I’m planning to do a few guest posts a year for them.

My most recent post was titled “Making home an emotional oasis for your TCKs”. It was inspired by one of the questions I hear most often: “what one thing would you recommend parents do to help their TCKs?”

I suppose it should come as no surprise that the question I’m most asked is a request for a summary!

The short answer is that parents can do something no one else can: make home a safe space where TCKs can express all their cross-cultural influences: their languages, loves, and confusions. This isn’t easy, but it’s powerful – both for TCKs and also for their parents.

Read the full article on A Life Overseas:

Making home an emotional oasis for your TCKs

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