New website – with more video and blog content!

Hello everyone,

For those who have followed along on social media, my silence will be well understood. I went on a business trip in early March 2020 and everything changed. I was unable to return to my home and my husband in China, and flew to Australia to stay with my parents while I waited out the closed border. Nearly two years later, the border still hasn’t reopened and I’m still living with my parents in Australia. My husband and I saw the writing on the wall after a few months. He packed up our things (the few we could manage to take) and shipped them to the US. We found an apartment there and I was able to go over and spend three months with him setting it up. Then I had to leave. We don’t share a citizenship so there is no place to go back to together. We are currently working through the US green card process so that I can rejoin him there permanently sometime in 2022.

Losing everything in this way included losing my business as it had been. I can no longer pop into international schools in Beijing the way I had. I can no longer make regular in-person visits to international schools around China and across Asia. Through all the stress of the past two years, I have managed to pivot my business and re-start with wholly virtual offerings. I have a new website, with a range of workshops available, more resources than ever, and a new blog.

I will no longer be writing here, but I warmly welcome you to join the fun over at

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