What do you think of Misunderstood?

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks – Misunderstood was released and people around the world started receiving their own copies. I have received a lot of messages from people telling me they just ordered theirs, or just received it, and even photos of people showing me it had arrived! Thank you all so much – it is an honour to know my words are there in your hands, all over the world.


Copies of Misunderstood in Australia, Cambodia, China, New Zealand, the UK and the US!

Even more exciting, I’ve started to hear from people who have been reading Misunderstood. I really believe in the message of Misunderstood, but it’s very different hearing it from people with no need to say so.

For those of you who have already started reading, I have a favour to ask. Could you write a short review of Misunderstood? It doesn’t have to be long or detailed, but reviews help people hear about books and choose to read them. If you are finding Misunderstood interesting, helpful, or otherwise useful – someone else will too. Please help them find it!

So, you’re willing to write a review – now what?

You can start by writing a sentence or two to answer these questions:

  1. Who do you think should read Misunderstood?
  2. Why do you think they should read Misunderstood?

For example:
I recommend Misunderstood to ____ because ____.
Misunderstood is a great book for ____. It ____.

If you even write that much, it will be helpful! If you want to write more, try to explain why Misunderstood matters to you – how it made you feel, something you learned from it, what resonated with you.

Now you have a review, the next step is to share it!

There are lots of ways you can share your review. Here are a few ways to start:

  • Post your review on Amazon. Even if you bought your copy of Misunderstood another way, you can still post a review on Amazon. If you did buy from Amazon, sign into your account so it shows as a “verified purchase”. (You may even receive an email inviting you to review your recent purchase.) Amazon’s main website is based in the US, but there are lots of country-specific sites as well. While the main site is the best default, if you live in/bought from a particular country, it’s also helpful to review on that site. See <
  • Post your review on Goodreads. A lot of online sellers sources reviews from Goodreads, so posting your review here not only helps people on Goodreads hear about Misunderstood, it also reaches much further!
  • Post your review where Misunderstood is sold online. Amazon is big, but there are lots of other sellers – and I know some of you are using them! This list will take you to the Misunderstood page on many online sellers.
  • Post your review on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn – anywhere!) Don’t forget a link to Misunderstood – either tag the Misunderstood account on the platform you’re using, or link to the website. This helps people find the book if they want to know more.

Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts as you get a chance to read Misunderstood.

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