Misunderstood is now available!

reading-tAfter 11 years spent mentoring TCKs and nearly four years spent collecting their stories I am beyond excited to announce that Misunderstood is NOW ON SALE!!

I am so proud of this book. I know it might sound strange to say that about my own work, but I really am. Not of me, mind you (though I feel pleased with the work I’ve managed to do). What I’m proud of is all the stories collected and collated in it, proud to have created something I believe does those stories justice.

I interviewed over 270 TCKs during the process of writing and editing Misunderstood. More than 100 of them are quoted in the book, sharing their stories of Third Culture life, of adapting to new environments, of processing the emotional ramifications of international lives. I am so proud of all the TCKs who bravely shared their hearts, putting sometimes difficult emotions into words, so other could benefit.

I spoke with many parents of TCKs as well. These types of conversations are what spurred the writing of the book in the first place, and helped adjust the narrative of the book as I wrote. I am so thankful to the many parents who shared their hopes and fears with me so openly, that the questions they and so many have held in their hearts might find their way onto the pages of Misunderstood. Part of the pride I feel is that, with their help (and the help of Summertime‘s wonderful team), Misunderstood addresses worries many expat parents carry.

Through the process of writing Misunderstood I have seen it shape me – making me into a more compassionate person. I find myself more convinced than ever of the wisdom to be found through asking questions and listening to the answers. I have also had the privilege of seeing young TCKs affected by the book as it took shape. The raw and emotional responses of many test readers (young TCKs who read a chapter or short section I was working on to give feedback) humbled me, and made me determined to do this well. I am proud to present to you a book that can impact people.

That is why I’m feeling proud today. Years of work, and the contributions of so many people, have become a physical book in my hands. Misunderstood is a book that honours the stories of TCKs, encourages expat parents, and offers helpful insights to anyone connected to international life.

I am delighted to share it with you now, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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