Recommended reading: August 9, 2016

Last week I shared a few articles about TCKs and expat life which I’d found interesting. Here is my second instalment, with some more recent posts you might enjoy.

Life Abroad: The Hole in the Expat Bubble
Haps Magazine Korea
Lovely exploration about what an “expat bubble” is.  John discusses why expat bubbles form and ways they can help expatriates new and old. A really refreshing read, especially for expats who have been made to feel guilty for relying on a bubble at some point.

Multifacted Blackness
The Black Expat
Really great post about the author’s experience as an African TCK learning what “blackness” meant outside Africa. Lambert makes a particularly interesting point, that “the construct of blackness is best experienced when contrasted against the backdrop of the racial diversity of the rest of the world.” It is so important that we each listen to voices with different experiences to our own, and today I am thankful for this particular voice.

Six Disturbing Experiences When Going Back Home For A Holiday
Expatriate Connection
While there are a bunch of great insights here what really got me thinking is the idea that while we stay in touch with people long distance, we generally do so one-to-one, rather than in a group setting. I can see of several interesting implications of this – still thinking it through!

Too Many Transitions Can Traumatize Our Kids
Christianity Today
A personal reflection on the author’s experience of frequent childhood moves. Discusses the connection between childhood transition and anxiety, and includes some advice for parents to help soothe an anxious child through transition.

I didn’t want to be an expat
Life with Baby Kick

In this post blogger Laura explains how she didn’t want to move abroad, and the bad attitude she began her international life with. But there’s a happy ending! She made friends and came to love her expatriate life, enough that she is embarking on a new adventure.

Finally, here are two short posts reflecting on juggling multiple cultural connections. It’s always an honour to see into another person’s experience, and I appreciate both of these windows:
The thing about third culture kids – 3ck thoughts and things
Third Culture Kid – Christy Tungyan

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