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Tanya Crossman is the author of Misunderstood. She is passionate about building bridges of understanding between Third Culture Kids (TCKs) and those who care for them. She has mentored hundreds of teenage and young adult TCKs over the past 13 years. She has been invited to speak to groups of TCKs, parents, teachers and other carers in countries including: Australia, Cambodia, China, France, Ireland, Singapore, Sudan, Tanzania and Thailand.

Tanya grew up in Sydney and Canberra, Australia, and lived in Connecticut, USA for two years of high school. She had several TCK friends as a child, before her own experience of life overseas, and long before hearing the phrase ‘Third Culture Kid’. She moved to China independently at age 21, where a study year turned into 11 years abroad. Tanya has been through repatriation twice – as a teenager and as an adult – and recently made her 6th international move, back to Beijing, China.

Tanya received a bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies (Chinese) from the Australian National University, and a diploma in Mandarin Chinese from Beijing Language and Culture University. She worked several bilingual jobs in China before choosing to work with TCKs full time in 2010. She has coordinated over 35 camps and conferences for teenage TCKs in China and Cambodia. In 2018 she was awarded a Master of Divinity degree by the Australian College of Theology, including a TCK-focused research project which was awarded a High Distinction.

Tanya has been featured on, and interviewed by, a number of expatriate-related websites, including: A Life Overseas, A Place in the World, Displaced Nation, DrieCulturen, Education Rickshaw, Expat Bookshop, Go Ye There, Global Times, The Change School’s TCK Summit, Travel Lite, and Velvet Ashes.

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