Interview on Expat Bookshop

Expat Bookshop recently published an interview with me, talking about Misunderstood, and the writing/publishing process.

Q: What were the highlights of the writing and publishing process from starting to write your book to it being sent to print?

A: The highlights for me were the responses of readers. Throughout the writing process I had test-readers – TCKs who read drafts of short sections and told me what they thought. By the time I finished the first draft, most said they saw their own thoughts and feelings reflected and were amazed to discover that others felt the same way. There were quite a few tears, too! Similarly, receiving reviews from a number of excellent authors was a great highlight. It was very exciting to see my aims for the book reflected in their responses. The point of writing Misunderstood was to help people, so there’s nothing better than knowing people are finding it helpful.

Read the whole interview here.

Interview on DrieCulturen

I did an interview with Janneke at DrieCulturen which is online today. In it I talk about writing Misunderstood, my experience living overseas as a teenanger, and where “home” is:

As you probably know I love books and especially on the topic of growing up abroad. I am pleased to announce that a new book on the topic is about to be released and the author Tanya Crossman has agreed to answer some questions specially for you. Thank you Tanya! By the way if you want to know what children or young people say about growing up abroad then you have to read this book. Now over to Tanya.

1) Please tell us about your book “Misunderstood”. Tell us about how you were inspired to write the book?
I spent a decade mentoring TCKs (third culture kids), listening to them and learning how they felt about life. Parents began to ask my advice, and I saw lightbulb moments as they saw their children’s situation in a new light. When asked for resources I pointed to lots of great books, but couldn’t find anything that did what I did…

Read the full interview on DrieCulturen Misundertood 3D COVER