Phnom Penh sessions

Workshops for Cross-Cultural Families
One day only – March 21st, 2020

I will be returning to Cambodia in March 2020, and this time I will be holding both a morning seminar as before, and also a longer afternoon workshop with more interactive content. You can register for just the morning or the afternoon – or both! Discounted prepaid registration is available, including group rates. All written materials will be bilingual (English/Mandarin Chinese).

Supporting TCKs into adulthood
9:15am – 11:30am  ($15 at the door)
High school graduation is a big transition for international families. In this session I lay out some of the key issues that expat families face when a child finishes high school and moves into young adult life on their own. I offer tips and tools to prepare expat children to thrive as adults, and parents to support their young adult children long distance. Whether your child is years (or even weeks!) away from graduation, or your children have already left the nest, there will be helpful advice for you and your family. Also included is a time of big group Q&A, and refreshments where I will be available to chat informally with attendees.

Helping CCKs integrate (and love!) their Languages and Cultures
2:00pm – 5:30pm  ($25 at the door)
Children growing up cross-culturally are influenced by more than one language/culture, which can complicate identity development. This interactive workshop focuses on the emotional impact of our relationships with languages and cultures, including the guilt and anxiety many parents experience around the languages their kids do (and don’t!) speak. The focus will not be how to learn languages, but the relationships we have with languages/cultures: why these relationship matters, and how to encourage positive engagement. We will also discuss the impact interaction with more than one language and culture has on Cross Cultural Kids, and go through practical applications for helping them integrate their experiences. This session is a workshop format, with a focus on personal application to individual situations and families. I will present content, provide questions for personal reflection and small group discussion, plus facilitate sharing of thoughts from the group throughout the session. Also included are printed materials and an afternoon tea break (refreshments provided).

Location: Diakonia Centre (ICF), 3rd floor auditorium
Address: #19 St 330, Boeung Keng Kang 3

A minimum of 20 participants are required for these sessions to go ahead.
(Last year’s seminar attracted 60 attendees.)

Prepaid Registration

Individual registration for morning only = $10
Individual registration for afternoon only = $20
Individual registration for both sessions = $25
Group registration (6 people) for both sessions = $129
Group registration (6 people) for afternoon only = $99

To get these discounted registration rates, please use the payment buttons below. Choose the type and number of registrations you wish to book, then click the appropriate “pay with paypal” button; you will be redirected to make an online payment. Please note the boooking name if it differs from the payee name; you will need to cite this name upon entry to the event.

Morning seminar


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Group Registration, both sessions (6 people)


Group registration, afternoon only (6 people)


Health information:

I live in China, where the COVID-19 epidemic began. For this reason I feel it is important to clarify the protective measures I have put in place for this seminar. I will be outside China for two weeks before this seminar takes place. I live in Beijing, which is 1,000km from the epicentre in Wuhan. About 400cases have been reported in Beijing, a city of  22 million people, and a third of those infected have already recovered and been released from hospital. Beijing is nonetheless under strict regulations to prevent spread of the virus, including restricted movements and requirements to wear masks when around others. My husband and I have been living in semi-quarantine at home for over a month (limited contact with others). If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me for further information.

About the speaker:

Tanya Crossman is an author, speaker, and consultant specalising in Third Culture Kids, cross-cultural communication, and issues facing cross-cultural families. She is passionate about coming alongside international communities with information, encouragement, and support. She has mentored hundreds of teenage and young adult TCKs over the past 14 years as well as providing information and support to parents and educators.

Tanya’s book, Misunderstood: The Impact of Growing Up Overseas in the 21st Century, opens a window on the experience of growing up internationally in the internet age. It draws from Tanya’s interviews of over 270 TCKs and an original survey of 744 TCKs. Read reviews of the book here.

Since publication of Misunderstood, Tanya has conducted seminars in nine countries (on four continents) for parents, educators, and students of all ages. Tanya and Misunderstood have been featured on many expatriate-related blogs, podcasts, and news sites, including: A Life Overseas, A Place in the World, Changing Scripts, China Source, Communicating Across Boundaries, Cross Culture Therapy, Displaced Nation, Djibouti Jones, DrieCulturen, Education Rickshaw, Expat Bookshop, Expatriate Specialist, Foreign Service Youth Foundation, Go Ye There, Globally Grounded, Global Times, Life Story Therapies, Migratory Patterns, Noggy Bloggy, Ombidombi, Sinews, Small Town Laowai, TCK Care, TCK Mentors, TCK Nomads, TCK Training, The Change School’s TCK Summit, Travel Lite, and Velvet Ashes.