Phnom Penh seminar

Author and speaker Tanya Crossman will be in Cambodia next month and will run a public seminar on “Helping Cross Cultural Kids Thrive”. Drawing on a decade of relationship-building and research, Tanya will discuss both opportunities and struggles that Cross Cultural Kids face, and ways for parents (and others) to support them effectively. There will also be a short Q&A time with Tanya following the presentation.

Helping Cross Cultural Kids Thrive
Time: 9am-11am, Saturday May 4th
Location: Diakonia Centre (ICF), Room 101
Address: #19 St 330, Boeung Keng Kang 3

Tickets bought in advance are $10, and can be purchased below (through paypal) or in person at Living Well.
Tickets at the door will be $15 (cash only).

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Tickets for Tanya’s seminar on “Helping Cross Cultural Kids Thrive”, 9am on Saturday May 4th.


About Tanya Crossman

Tanya Crossman is an internationally recognised expert and speaker on Third Culture Kids and issues facing cross-cultural families. She is passionate about coming alongside cross-cultural families with information, encouragement, and support. She has mentored hundreds of teenage and young adult TCKs over the past 13 years as well as providing support to parents of international families.

Tanya’s book, Misunderstood, opens a window on the experience of growing up internationally in the internet age. It draws from Tanya’s interviews of over 270 TCKs and an original survey of 744 TCKs.

Tanya has travelled to speak to groups of TCKs, parents, teachers and other carers in Australia, Cambodia, China, France, Ireland, Singapore, Sudan, Tanzania, and Thailand. Tanya and Misunderstood have been featured on many expatriate-related blogs, podcasts, and news sites, including: A Life Overseas, A Place in the World, Changing Scripts, China Source, Communicating Across Boundaries, Cross Culture Therapy, Displaced Nation, Djibouti Jones, DrieCulturen, Education Rickshaw, Expat Bookshop, Expatriate Specialist, Foreign Service Youth Foundation, Go Ye There, Globally Grounded, Global Times, Life Story Therapies, Migratory Patterns, Noggy Bloggy, Ombidombi, Sinews, Small Town Laowai, TCK Mentors, TCK Nomads, TCK Training, The Change School’s TCK Summit, Travel Lite, and Velvet Ashes.